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North Carolina Online Resources: an Annotated List of NC Websites: Law

North carolina Links Collection: Law

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Administration of Justice Bulletins:
This site, maintained by the University of North Carolina School of Government, features issues of the Bulletin for North Carolina.  The site provides access to the state’s criminal law and procedure issues.  Issues of the bulletin can be searched as far back as 1998.

American Law Sources On-line: NC:
This site offers information on North Carolina court rulings, laws, and legal forms.  Users can search for court decisions and legal changes via a simple search interface.  The page also links to several law related periodicals that are published in the state.

Colonial and State Records of North Carolina - UNC Chapel Hill:
This site, part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Documenting the American South initiative, features a searchable digitized version of the 26 volume Colonial and State Records of North Carolina, which documents the history of the state from 1886 and 1907.  Visitors to the site can browse the volumes, search the index, and even conduct keyword and advanced searches of the text.

Constitution of North Carolina:
This page, maintained by the North Carolina State Library, offers an electronic version of the North Carolina state constitution.  It is accompanied by a short history of the document and its revisions.

Duke Law Journal:
The Duke Law Journal describes itself as "among the most prestigious and influential legal publications in the country.”   One-third of the issues contain student notes on the latest legal issues. The remaining portion of the journal contains information from professors and practitioners. Users can view the most recent articles, search and view back issues, and order the journal online.  Available back issues date back as early as 1997.

Find Law:
Find law offers free legal information over the web.  The link above leads directly to their North Carolina content.  Users can view laws and court decisions, check legal news, and even find an attorney on the site.

Legal and Judicial Library Resources:
Sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Government Library, this site offers links to state and federal legal resources and libraries.

North Carolina Administrative Code:
This site provides research information on state administrative rules that were proposed or adopted.  Users can access the text of proposed and adopted administrative rules for the state.

North Carolina Association of County Commissioners:
The NCACC is an active statewide local government association.  Users can check out legislation information, the latest news, and links to individual counties. 

North Carolina Bar Association: General Public:
This is the area of the NC Bar Associations web site that features legal resources for the general public.  It includes links to a judicial directory, educational efforts, and public service work sponsored by the group.

North Carolina Courts:
This page, maintained by the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, serves as a gateway to resources concerning the North Carolina court system.  In addition to statewide information, the site links to the court systems of each county.

North Carolina Department of Justice:
This is the homepage for both the North Carolina Department of Justice and the state Attorney General.  The site provides users with current news and alerts from the Department and links to consumer protection and crime prevention resources.

North Carolina General Assembly:
This is the home page for the North Carolina General Assembly.  Links include information on redistricting, North Carolina statutes, the North Carolina Constitution, laws publications, state government news, and lobbying.  Users can view lists of sources for both houses of the Assembly, their respective committees, and even search the Legislative Library.

North Carolina General Statutes:
Sponsored by the North Carolina General Assembly, this site offers a simple search interface that allows users to access the current state statutes online.

North Carolina Register:
From this site users can review electronic versions of the Register, which "contains information relating to agency rulemaking, executive orders, contested case decisions and other notices required by or affecting Chapter 150B of the General Statutes."  Available issues date back to 2000.

North Carolina Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA):
This is the homepage for the NC Department of Labor's Occupational Health and Safety Division.  Users can view regulations, publications, and events on the site.

School of Government (UNC):
This is the home page of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Government.  From the site, users can search the library, browse faculty information, and look at courses offered by the School.

U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit:
This site provides information on the history of the U.S Court of Appeals, current and former judges, and cases of public interest.  There are also links to the other Courts of Appeals from throughout the U.S.

Wake Forest Law Review:
This is the electronic version of the Review, which is published four times a year by students of the Wake Forest University School of Law.  Users can view the most recent articles, view back issues, and order the journal on-line.  Available issues date back as early as 1998.