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North Carolina Online Resources: an Annotated List of NC Websites: Environment

North Carolina Links Collection: Environment

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Citizen's Handbook of North Carolina's Environmental Information Sources:
This site, maintained by the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina, allows users to choose from a table of contents that lists both government and non-government sources of information and publications focusing on environmental issues and programs.

Conservation Council of North Carolina:
This is the home page for the Conservation Council of North Carolina, a non-profit group dedicated to "protecting, preserving, and enhancing North Carolina's natural environment."  The page includes links to information about group news, events, and educational programs.

Conservation Trust for North Carolina:
This group describes their mission as "to protect the state’s land and water through statewide conservation and cooperative work with land trusts to preserve natural resources as a legacy for future generations."  The Conservation Trust works directly with landowners, local land trusts, and government agencies to protect land and water resources.  The site includes links to news and events, policy and advocacy, and information for landowners.

Cypress Group of the North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club Homepage:
This is the homepage for the group, located in Greenville, North Carolina.  The page includes links to Sierra Club news, events, and their newsletter.

Land Trust Alliance:
The Alliance "works with landowners find ways to protect their land" through the promotion of private land conservation programs.  The Alliance represents land trusts across America.  The site offers links to news, local trusts, training, resources for future trusts, and publications.

Natural Resources Leadership Institute:
The Institute is sponsored by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension through NC State University and seeks to help protect the environment by offering training to environmental decision makers that will foster cooperation between disparate groups during the decision making process.  To this end the group offers training for both leadership development and environmental decision making. 

Neuse River Education Team:
Sponsored by NC State University, the Team's focus is on informing citizens, agencies, officials, and industries about the Neuse River Basin.  Through education and research efforts, this organization attempts to answer challenges that face the Neuse River Basin area.  Users can view the current Neuseletter, educational information, upcoming events, and agricultural and urban planning information.

NC Conservation Network (ConNet):
The North Carolina Conservation Network is "a statewide network of over 120 environmental, community and environmental justice organizations focused on protecting North Carolina’s environment and public health."  The group's mission is to support, train and coordinate diverse groups in order to "achieve equitable and sustainable solutions for our environment."  This site provides links to a variety of environmental resources, as well as job and internship opportunities. The latest environmental news is also available.

North Carolina Coastal Federation:
This organization helps citizens take an active role in the management of North Carolina’s coastal waters and natural resources.  They do this by focusing their efforts in four areas: advocacy, restoration, preservation, and education. The site includes news, educational program information, and volunteer opportunities.

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources:
This agency provides for the protection and preservation of North Carolina’s natural resources.  The administration regulates programs that protect air quality, water quality, and public health.  It also protects fish, wildlife, and wilderness areas.  The site has sections for businesses, educators, local government, and for the general public.

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources -- Office of Environmental Education:
This site links to environmental education resources, facilities, programs, and professionals in North Carolina.  A well produced site, it features information for adults, kids, and educators.

North Carolina Division of Air Quality:
A division of the North Carolina DENR, the group's homepage provides information about air quality rules and regulations, forecasts, air quality data, auto emissions testing, and air quality awareness.  The site also includes a "quick links" section for news and Division announcements.

North Carolina Division of Land Resources:
This page, maintained by the North Carolina DENR's Division of Land Resources, offers links to the North Carolina Geodetic Survey, the North Carolina Geological Survey, and the Division's Land Quality Section.

North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance:
This is the homepage for the Division, which is part of the North Carolina DENR.  The site offers information for small businesses, industries, governments and institutions concerning recycling opportunities and regulations.  It also offers links to information on special topics, Division programs, technical resources, and news.

North Carolina Division of Waste Management:
This is the homepage for the Division, which is part of the North Carolina DENR.  The group regulates “solid waste disposal, hazardous waste management, underground storage tanks and Superfund cleanups.”  The site offers information about programs, laws and regulations, permits, enforcement, and statistics in waste management.

North Carolina Division of Water Quality:
This is the homepage for the Division, which is part of the North Carolina DENR and is responsible for "statewide regulatory programs in surface water and aquifer protection."  The site includes links to water quality news, regulations, permits, and enforcement.  It also provides visitors with a broad range of information focusing on water quality issues and environmental protection.

North Carolina Division of Water Resources:
This is is the homepage for the Division, which is part of the North Carolina DENR and is responsible for administering programs for "...river basin management, water supply assistance, water conservation, and water resources development.”  The site includes links to information concerning water supply planning, permits and registration, rules and regulations, and educational and technical assistance.

North Carolina Estuarium:
The Estuarium, located in Washington, North Carolina, focuses on education and outreach to the public concerning  North Carolina's coastal rivers.  The site gives a brief overview of activities that take place at the Estuarium, as well as hours of operation and links to other Washington attractions.

North Carolina Floodplain Maps:
This site, maintained by the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program, offers links not only to the latest flood plain maps, but also to news, public documents, and resources concerning floods and flood management.

North Carolina GreenPower:
GreenPower is a non-profit organization encouraging the development of renewable energy resources for the state of North Carolina.  In addition to information about various methods to generate "green" power, the site provides links to energy related news and events sponsored by the organization.

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission:
This site provides hunting, fishing, boating information, and wildlife management services for the citizens of North Carolina.  In addition to North Carolina wildlife news, there are also links to topics such as permits, regulations, and instructional workshops. 

Pamlico-Tar River Foundation:
The Pamlico-Tar River Foundation was founded in 1981. It is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting, preserving and promoting the environmental quality of the Tar-Pamlico River and its watershed. PTRF is a grassroots organization, supported by nearly 2,500 citizen members

United States Geological Survey: Water Resources of North Carolina:
Maintained by the USGS North Carolina Water Science Center, this site offers real-time water data for the state.  It also has links to current water research activities and publications from both the state and national offices.

Water Resources Research Institute:
This is the homepage for the Institute, which is part of the University of North Carolina system.  The group “identifies and supports research needed to help solve water quality and water resources problems in North Carolina and the region.”   The site includes links to WRRI news, research, and events as well as educational and internship opportunities.