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Federal Public Access Policy Compliance: Additional..

US Geological Survey

***Starting October 2016*** The USGS created a Public Access Plan for funded research which applies to articles as well as data will take effect in October 2016.  Requirements for Public Access to articles and data can be accessed here.

From the USGS Data Management website:

The USGS Instructional Memoradum IM OSQI 2015-001 - Foundation Data Policy establishes requirements for data management plans:

  • "Plan. The overall project work plan of every research project must include planning for data management (SM 502.2). A data management plan describes standards and intended actions for acquiring, processing, analyzing, preserving, publishing/sharing, describing, managing quality, backing up, and securing the data holdings (​ ). The data management plan, like the work plan, should be updated during the research phase to reflect the reality of the project activities."
  • USGS Data Management
  • USGS DMP Guidance

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National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)


National Institute of Standards and Techonology (NIST)

Summary from SPARC, April 6, 2015

Beginning October, 2014, NIST requires the submission of a Data Management Plan for all funded research. As described in the NIST Public Access Plan released in April, 2015, the DMP will describe how scientific data resulting from the research will be shared and preserved. Alternatively, researchers may provide some rationale for why data sharing and preservation are beyond the scope of their plan. Submitted DMP's should at a minimum provide:

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National Department of Defense


United States Department of Defense

Feb. 2015 draft reports that summary may take up to 24 months

Summary post from SPARC