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Laupus Library Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Libguide

Accessibility & Disability Health Related: Books & Articles

The following books and articles are just a small selection of resources available at Laupus Library exploring topics related to inequality in health due to accessibility and diversity issues: 

Accessibility in Medicine Books

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Delivering Quality Healthcare for People with Disability, Edited by Suzanne Smeltzer

This book is based on the principle and belief that all healthcare professionals...have a role in caring for individuals with disability. As such, they need a basic understanding of the issue of disability to provide appropriate, optimal, and sensitive healthcare to those with disability.

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The Safety-Net Health Care System by Gunnar Almgren and Taryn Lindhorst

The Safety-Net Health Care System offers a road map to help safety-net providers overcome personal prejudices, understand why certain patients become "difficult" or fail to adhere to treatment, and deal with the stress of working in safety-net environments.

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More Than Ramps by Lisa Iezzoni and Bonnie O'Day

Nearly twenty percent of Americans live today with some sort of disability, and this number will grow in coming decades as the population ages. Despite this, the U.S. health care system is not set up to provide care comfortably, safely, and efficiently to persons with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities can therefore face significant barriers to obtaining high quality health care.

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The Promise by Rachelle Friedman

Just weeks before her wedding, Rachelle broke her neck and was paralyzed from the chest down. She would never walk again. The Promise is a powerful memoir of resilience, love, and loyalty.

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Seeing Patients by Augustus White

If you're going to have a heart attack, an organ transplant, or a joint replacement, here's the key to getting the very best medical care: be a white, straight, middle-class male.

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Digital Medicine by Darrell West and Edward Miller

Digital Medicine investigates the factors limiting digital technology's ability to remake health care. It explores the political, social, and ethical challenges presented by online health care, as well as the impact that racial, ethnic, and other disparities are having on the e-health revolution.

Accessibility in Medicine Articles

Accessibility Search Strategies

The following search strategy will find articles about healthcare access and disability in PubMed, ECU One Search or ProQuest. 

Disability and Access

  • (Disability OR ableism OR disability-rights) AND (access OR accessibility OR barriers) AND (healthcare OR health services)

Language, Technology and Access

  • (Internet OR broadband OR uninsured OR "English proficiency" OR language) AND (access OR accessibility OR barriers) AND (healthcare OR health services)

Healthcare Accessibility Articles

Broadband Access

  • Benda NC, Veinot TC, Sieck CJ, Ancker JS. Broadband Internet Access Is a Social Determinant of Health!. Am J Public Health. 2020;110(8):1123-1125. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2020.305784
  • Graves JM, Abshire DA, Amiri S, Mackelprang JL. Disparities in Technology and Broadband Internet Access Across Rurality: Implications for Health and Education [published online ahead of print, 2021 Jul 14]. Fam Community Health. 2021;10.1097/FCH.0000000000000306. doi:10.1097/FCH.0000000000000306


  • Hill A, Schimmel Hyde J. Insurance coverage and access to care for workers with disabilities, 2001-2017. Disabil Health J. 2020;13(1):100843. doi:10.1016/j.dhjo.2019.100843

Disability Access

  • Hommes RE, Borash AI, Hartwig K, DeGracia D. American Sign Language Interpreters Perceptions of Barriers to Healthcare Communication in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patients. J Community Health. 2018;43(5):956-961. doi:10.1007/s10900-018-0511-3
  • Stillman MD, Bertocci G, Smalley C, Williams S, Frost KL. Healthcare utilization and associated barriers experienced by wheelchair users: A pilot study. Disabil Health J. 2017;10(4):502-508. doi:10.1016/j.dhjo.2017.02.003

Language Barrier

  • Ali PA, Watson R. Language barriers and their impact on provision of care to patients with limited English proficiency: Nurses' perspectives. J Clin Nurs. 2018;27(5-6):e1152-e1160. doi:10.1111/jocn.14204