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AMA Citation Style 11th Edition Guide

Citing Software AMA

To cite software, use the following form:


1. Epi Info. Version 7.1.5. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 2015. Accessed March 14, 2016.

2. Stata 14. Version 14. StataCorp; 2015. Accessed March 14, 2016.


Software need not always be cited in the reference list; for example, it may be cited in the text if it is mentioned in the Statistical Analysis subsection of the Methods section. The following is an example of an in-text citation for software:

All analyses were conducted using SAS version 9.4 (SAS Institute Inc).

Data sets

According to AMA Manual of Style 11th ed., ch

When citing data from a repository, cite the original source for the data.


3. Cutter AD, Gray JC. Data from: Ephemeral ecological speciation and the latitudinal biodiversity gradient. Dryad Digital Repository. Deposited August 17, 2016. doi:10.5061/dryad.734v9


The data package or data set should be cited in the original publication to link the publication and the data. Examples of citations to a data package follow:


4. Francuzik W. Data from: Skin microbiome in atopic dermatitis: 16S gene sequence data. figshare. 2016. doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.4028943

5. Levy I, Maor Y, Mahroum N, et al. Data from: Missed opportunities for earlier diagnosis of HIV in patients that presented with advanced HIV disease: a retrospective cohort study. Dryad Digital Repository. 2016. doi:10.5061/dryad.73c003.11.5