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AMA Citation Style 11th Edition Guide

Citing Journal Articles in AMA

General Format 

Author Article Title Journal Title Date Volume Issue Pages Accessed date URL/DOI
Author AA, Author BB, Author CC, Author DD, Author EE. Title of article. Jour title. 2021; xx (x): xx-xx (not needed w doi) doi:xxx/xx
Author AA, Author BB, Author CC, et al. Title of article. Jour title. 2011 xx (x): xx-xx Accessed Month day, year


1. Zoccali C, Maio R, Mallamaci F, Sesti G, Perticone F. Uric acid and endothelial dysfunction in essential hypertension. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2006;17(5):1466-1471.

Electronic – DOI present
2. Mason DM, Wang Y, Bhatia TN, et al. The center of olfactory bulb‐seeded α‐synucleinopathy is the limbic system and the ensuing pathology is higher in male than in female mice. Brain Pathol. 2019;29(6):741-770. doi:10.1111/bpa.12718

Electronic – No DOI
3. Bland DK, Fankhanel Y, Langford E, et al. Intensive versus modified conventional control of blood glucose level in medical intensive care patients: a pilot study. Am J Crit Care. 2005;14(5):370-376. Accessed June 25, 2015.