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AMA Citation Style 11th Edition Guide

Citing Social Media in AMA

Social Media Citation Examples

From AMA Manual, 11th ed,  Ch 3.15.4 Social Media

"As new modalities of social media have emerged, a mechanism for citing these different outputs is useful. Social media are fluid and temporary, and in scientific reporting, a better citation is likely available.

Some suggestions for citing various popular social media follow."


1. Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Facebook page. #RotatorCuff tears are among the most common shoulder injuries, particularly in individuals who engage in activities that require repetitive arm motions. Discover the possible treatment options for a torn rotator cuff: Accessed March 4, 2019.


2. Gray T. Advice after mischief is like medicine after death. AMA Style Insider blog. February 11, 2019. Accessed March 10, 2019.


3. Khan Academy health and medicine YouTube page. Accessed February 10, 2016.


4. @AMAManual. Double negatives can be used to express a positive, but this yields a weaker affirmative than the simpler positive and may be confusing. “Our results are not inconsistent with the prior hypothesis.” “That won’t do you no good.” And the classic: “I can’t get no satisfaction.” March 7, 2019. Accessed March 10, 2019.

Note: In some of the examples above, note that instead of a title, the entire post is given