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AMA Citation Style 11th Edition Guide


Citing Articles With AMA 11th Edition

General Notes

  • Include all authors when six or less
  • For more than six authors, list first three followed by "et al"
  • Use periods after journal titles/abbreviations
  • Place issue numbers in parentheses
  • List first and entire last page number if available

Journal Title Abbreviation Notes:

  • Many journal titles are abbreviated in AMA citations 
  • You must use the correct AMA journal abbreviation in AMA citations
  • To find the correct AMA journal abbreviation:
  • Check out the AMA Manual page on journal abbreviations
Author Article Title Journal Title Date Volume Issue Pages Accessed date URL/DOI
Author AA, Author BB, Author CC, Author DD, Author EE. Title of article. Jour title. 2021; xx (x): xx-xx (not needed w doi) doi:xxx/xx
Author AA, Author BB, Author CC, et al. Title of article. Jour title. 2011 xx (x): xx-xx Accessed Month day, year