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Neurodiversity: Videos / Podcasts on Neurodiversity

Podcasts on Neurodiversity

Videos on Neurodiversity

  • Ask an Autistic #19 - What is Neurodiversity?, Amythest Schaber, Published on Aug 28, 2014. What is Neurodiversity? What do the terms "neurotypical" and "neuro-atypical" mean? Who is a part of the Neurodiversity movement? What is the Neurodiversity movement's stance on self-diagnosis, therapies, and autism treatments? Answers to all of these questions and more in this week's episode of Ask an Autistic!
  • Educating a neurodiverse world | Brian Kinghorn | TEDxTeachersCollege, TEDx Talks, Published on Jul 23, 2014. This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. What kind of world would we have if we all realized what kind of mind we had and began appreciating it? What if we did the same for others? In this talk, Brian Kinghorn champions the cause of Neurodiversity, arguing that there is not just one “standard-issue” brain. 
  • Exploring Neurodiversity & Neuroindividuality in technology | Gary Smith | TEDxYouth@Bargate, TEDx Talks, Published on Feb 11, 2019. Is technology accessible? Gary Smith explores the inequality of the technology used in technology and how it is not built with neurodiversity in mind. Gary is developing apps for neuro-individualism creating more accessible technology for all.  This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.
  • How we suppress genius and create learning disability: Scott Sonnon at TEDxBellingham, TEDx Talks, Published on Nov 23, 2013. Scott Sonnon overcame dyslexia so severe that he was hospitalized in a children's psychiatric institution.
  • Human Neurodiversity Should Be Celebrated, Not Treated as a Disorder | Op-Ed | NowThis, Published on Jul 23, 2018, There's a type of diversity you might not know about; neurodiversity. One in 59 children are identified with autism spectrum disorders and millions of children have been diagnosed with ADHD in the U.S. — yet psychologist Devon MacEachron, PhD believes that there is too little attention given to enabling people with neurologically different minds.
  • My Brain Works Differently: Autism And Addiction | Dylan Dailor | TEDxNorthAdams, TEDx Talks, Published on Mar 22, 2018. Autism and addiction, two words rarely combined but a mixture that can lead to immense challenge. Dylan Dailor discusses the challenges he faces daily as someone living with Autism and, advocating for the neurodiverse.
  • Neurodiversity: an untapped resource for future inventors | Shawn Brown | TEDxTruro, TEDx Talks, Published on Dec 13, 2017. Is the way we educate young people with learning differences stifling the innovators, problem solvers and inventors of the future? Shawn Brown explores how Neurodiversity is linked to innovation, yet widely overlooked in our education system. Shawn is an award winning engineer, designer and maker of things.
  • Neurodiversity: Differences in Mental Cognitive Function, Vern Blystone. Published on Dec 16, 2011. This is a brief film on Neurodiversity. This was a final project for English 342 - Documentary Film Theory at WSU-Vancouver.  It features a short interview with Dr. Dana Baker, PhD at Washington State University and author of "The Politics of Neurodiversity."
  • Neurodiversity: The civil-rights issue of our day, College of William & Mary, Published on Mar 17, 2016. John Elder Robison believes neurodiversity concerns are the civil-rights issue of our day.
  • Neurodiversity – the key that unlocked my world | Elisabeth Wiklander | TEDxGöteborg, TEDx Talks, Published on Feb 9, 2017. What do you think about, when you hear the word, “autism”? No diagnostic manual can truly explain the multifaceted experience of autism. It’s a neurological difference with a vast spectrum of representation within its population. It can come with remarkable gifts and skills as well as devastating traits. 
  • Neurodiversity in the Classroom, Thomas Armstrong, Published on Nov 20, 2012. Introduces my new book:  Neurodiversity in the Classroom:  Strength-Based Strategies to Help Students with Special Needs Achieve Success in School and Life.  Talks about create positive "niches" for students with ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, intellectual disabilities, and emotional and behavioral disorders.  Describes seven components of positive niche construction:  strengths awareness, positive role models, assistive technologies, strength-based learning strategies, enriched human resource networks, affirmative career aspirations, and positive environmental modifications.  Suggests we need to focus not on deficits, but on strengths when helping kids with special needs achieve success.
  • Playing to Our Strengths: Neurodiversity & Education | Christy Hutton | TEDxSantaCruz, TEDx Talks, Published on Jan 22, 2016. The new generation of education has to re-prioritize on the fact that all of the data we used to memorize is now at our fingertips in smart-phones and what society needs is for people to think--differently, uniquely, creatively, critically, and freely!
  • The growing acceptance of autism in the workplace, CBS NEWS, February 11, 2018, 9:09 AM