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Introductory Information Literacy Module for Hospitality Leadership: Library Basics

Tutorial Overviews

 Tutorial Transcript

Tutorial 1: Research Basics

Introduction to:

  • Choosing a topic
  • Researching background information on a topic

Remember, If you need help finding out where to look for a topic, ask a librarian.










Tutorial 2: The Information Timeline


The Information Timeline introduces the five different types of information sources that you might need to use while you’re in college.  The type of information you will use depends on your topic, how much information is available, and when the event occurred.

Information Sources include:

  1. News Websites or Broadcast Media
  2. Newspapers 
  3. Magazines 
  4. Scholarly Journals
  5. Scholarly Books







Tutorial 3: Evaluating Resources


Evaluating Resources compares and contrasts the characteristics of three different types of resources needed for college-level research:

  • Scholarly Articles
  • Popular Articles
  • Trade Journals





 Tutorial 4: Understanding Databases

  This tutorial will focus on the most common method of finding articles: searching by topic or subject in a  library databases. 

Main concepts include:

  • What is a database?
  • Fulltext, Citation-only, and a mix of both database types
  • Multidisciplinary v. Subject-Specific Databases











Tutorial 5: Library Catalog



Whenever you need to find items located in any library, you will use that library’s catalog to locate the items.  Most library catalogs have some search features in common.  Popular search options reviewed in this tutorial include:

  • Keyword Searching
  • Author Searching
  • Title Searching
  • Limit by Specific Format
  • Limit by Collection








 Tutorial 6: Introduction to the Library Homepage

Understanding the layout of the library home page is important for finding the tools you will use most frequently to do research. We will cover the five most frequently used links in this Guide on the Side tutorial.  They are:
  •  Ask a Librarian
  •  Frequently Asked Questions
  •  Catalog
  •  Databases
  •  E-Journal/E-book Portal

The Research Process

The Information Timeline

Evaluating Resources

Understanding Databases

Constructing Searches

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