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Guide to United Nations Documents in Joyner Library

About United Nations Documents

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United Nations documents are an important source of information for researchers in political science, economics, sociology, and many other fields. These documents may be overlooked when using the library because most of them are not cataloged. The patron may ask for assistance in the Reference Department. The researcher, however, who expects to make regular use of these publications will want to become familiar with the structure, procedures and functions of the UN, the system of classification used, and the location of the documents in the library.  This guide aims to simplify the steps required in locating and using the UN documents collection in Joyner Library.



Expected Outcomes

After viewing this guide, the user should be able to find and use United Nations Documents.

The United Nations:It's Your World

Location of UN Documents

UN Documents are located in two places in the library.

1. Cataloged United Nations Documents

The most frequently used UN publications such as the Yearbook of the United Nations and the Statistical Yearbook are cataloged and may be found through the online catalog, the same as for any other book.

The latest volumes of most reference books are in the Reference Dept.

2. Readex Microfiche Collection (Government Documents & Microforms Dept.)

The microfiche collection of UN documents starts in 1986 and continued through 1996. It is an abridged collection supplemented by additional documents in the areas of Trade and Development, Human Rights, and Disarmament. It includes the proceedings and Official Records of the General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, and Trusteeship Council (through 1993).

The collection is not cataloged, but documents may be found through:

NDOCS. (Microforms Indexes Z6841 U426x),1987-1996, by subject, author, and title in the index;

Readex Microfiche series ST/LIB/SER.M, 1986-1996;

Index to United Nations Documents and Publications . Ref Desk JX 1977 I53x 1990 (CD-ROM).