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Library Science: Hello!

Joyner Library Website Tour

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Guide on the Side is a tutorial that will appear on the left side of your internet browser. It will walk you around the Joyner Library homepage while the website is still active.

Graduate 101

If you are a graduate student who already knows the basics of library research, but need more information on graduate research at ECU, you may wish to go through the Graduate 101 library tutorial.

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Welcome to Joyner Library

Welcome to Joyner Library's Library Science subject LibGuide. By selecting from the tabs above, you can access many of the resources available here at the library.  Many of these resources are available electronically, though some are only available in print.

Main hall of the Library of Congress, one of the prettiest libraries on earth

Library of Congress, Great Hall (Creative Commons)

After reviewing this guide, students should be able to: 

  • Locate and use Joyner Library's resources, such as books, articles, and government documents
  • Access and search popular databases for the field of Library Science
  • Discover information about using resources from other libraries
  • Complete steps in the research process
  • Conduct a literature review
  • Cite sources in APA style.

If you need help with your assignments at any time, please use the contact information listed under the "Get Help" tab above to talk with a librarian.


DE Services

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Services offered by Joyner Research and Instructional Services


RefWorks is a citation management software that you can use to simplify the research process. You can keep citations to articles in RefWorks, access journal articles in databases without searching for them again, cite sources in your paper, and create a bibliography with RefWorks. This software is available to all students at ECU during the duration of their time at ECU. Click the button below to get registered! Click here for tutorials.

RefWorks Link