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Library Science: Lit Review

Literature Reviews

You may be asked to write a literature review as part of your Library Science coursework. 

On this page, you will find:

  • Tutorial videos on the topic of literature review (left column)
  • A definition of a literature review (right column)
  • Links to helpful tools to help you write a lit review (right column)
  • Outline of a basic literature review (right column)

The Literature Review

This tutorial from NCSU gives a good overview of the process of the literature review.

Types of Literature Reviews

Completing Literature Reviews

What is a Literature Review (Lit Review)?

A Literature Review is an integrated summary of existing research on a particular topic. In it, you identify sources, summarize their points, and then critically evaluate them as they relate to each other. You also need to establish that the existing research has not yet covered the aspect of the topic that you are or will be researching. Aspects of the topic that need further research or which are controversial should be identified, as well.


Links to Further Help You...

Basic Outline

Detailed literature reviews typically include the following:

  1. Introduction: Explain how you will organize your literature review (e.g. thematic or chronological) and your thesis (argument).
  2. Body: Summarize, compare, contrast, etc. the various sources and their arguments. Discuss your thesis in relation to the existing research. Identify the gaps that led to your thesis and those that remain.
  3. Implications: State how your research impacts the field.