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OER for ECU Foundation Courses: Health & Physical Education (GE:HL; GE:EX)

OERs for Health and Physical Activity Foundation Courses

This page highlights several open textbooks for courses in the Health Sciences. The purpose of this list is to provide recommendations to faculty who are considering adopting OERs in Foundation courses at East Carolina University. These resources can complement a course or even serve as the primary textbook. This can page can also serve as a reference for students looking for open resources on topics in the health sciences. Courses in the General Education requirement for Health and Physical Activity (GE:HL; GE:EX) can be found here: ;

Selected Providers of Health OERs

 undefined Open Textbook Library  

"These books have been reviewed by faculty from a variety of colleges and universities to assess their quality. These books can be downloaded for no cost, or printed at low cost. All textbooks are either used at multiple higher education institutions; or affiliated with an institution, scholarly society, or professional organization."

undefined   Lumen Learning 

"Lumen materials aim to deliver an active learning experience. They include text, images, videos, assessments, directed feedback, practice questions, simulations, and other interactives that invite students to apply their knowledge, improve their understanding, and perform better."

undefined    MERLOT 

"MERLOT search engine provides access to curated online learning and support materials and content creation tools, led by an international community of educators, learners and researchers."

undefined Open SUNY Textbooks

Open SUNY textbooks is a publishing initiative established by State University of New York libraries and supported by SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology Grants and SUNY Geneseo. Textbooks are written by faculty experts

undefinedOER Commons

"OER Commons offers a comprehensive infrastructure for curriculum experts and instructors at all levels to identify high-quality OER and collaborate around their adaptation, evaluation, and use to address the needs of teachers and learners."

undefined  BCcampus

Search engine covering major subjects; toolkits available for teachers and authors to adopt and create OERs, respectively.

Health (HLTH)

HLTH 1000 Health in Modern Society

undefined  Health Education

by G. Rieck & J. Lundin (Editors)

An online textbook (337 pages) with chapters covering introductory health science topics

undefined Handbook of Life Course Health Development

by N. Halfon et al.

"This handbook synthesizes and analyzes the growing knowledge base on life course health development (LCHD) from the prenatal period through emerging adulthood, with implications for clinical practice and public health."


undefined Course materials for Personal Health Course

Developed by the Portland Community College Health Studies Subject Area Committee, this online courseware includes 17 topic modules that cover a broad range of Personal and Public Health health topics.

Kinesiology (KINE)

 KINE 1000 Lifetime Physical Activity

undefined  Introduction to Health

Developed by K. Falcone and adapted from work by T. DiGregorio

Introductory health science textbook available as an e-pub, word document, pdf, and google file.

undefined  Human Nutrition

by B. Lindshield

Intermediate-level nutrition course developed by Kansas State University