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OER for ECU Foundation Courses: Humanities (GE:HU)

OERs for Humanities Foundation Courses

This page highlights several open textbooks for courses in the Humanities. The purpose of this list is to provide recommendations to faculty who are considering adopting OERs in Foundation courses at East Carolina University. These resources can complement a course or even serve as the primary textbook. This can page can also serve as a reference for students looking for open resources on topics in the humanities. General education courses in the Humanities (GE:HU) can be found here:

Selected Providers of Humanities OERs

 undefined Open Textbook Library  

"These books have been reviewed by faculty from a variety of colleges and universities to assess their quality. These books can be downloaded for no cost, or printed at low cost. All textbooks are either used at multiple higher education institutions; or affiliated with an institution, scholarly society, or professional organization."

undefined   Lumen Learning 

"Lumen materials aim to deliver an active learning experience. They include text, images, videos, assessments, directed feedback, practice questions, simulations, and other interactives that invite students to apply their knowledge, improve their understanding, and perform better."

undefined    MERLOT 

"MERLOT search engine provides access to curated online learning and support materials and content creation tools, led by an international community of educators, learners and researchers."

undefined Open SUNY Textbooks

Open SUNY textbooks is a publishing initiative established by State University of New York libraries and supported by SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology Grants and SUNY Geneseo. Textbooks are written by faculty experts

undefinedOER Commons

"OER Commons offers a comprehensive infrastructure for curriculum experts and instructors at all levels to identify high-quality OER and collaborate around their adaptation, evaluation, and use to address the needs of teachers and learners."

undefined  BCcampus

Search engine covering major subjects; toolkits available for teachers and authors to adopt and create OERs, respectively.

Classics (CLAS)

CLAS 1500 Classical Mythology

undefined Mythology Unbound: An Online Textbook for Classical Mythology

by Jessica Mellenthin and Susan O. Shapiro

This online textbook contains short articles on each major deity, hero, monster, etc., in Greek mythology. The text is supplemented with color photographs and maps to enhance the learning experience. 

undefined Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome

by E. M. Berens

“It is hardly necessary to dwell upon the importance of the study of Mythology: our poems, our novels, and even our daily journals teem with classical allusions; nor can a visit to our art galleries and museums be fully enjoyed without something more than a mere superficial knowledge of a subject which has in all ages inspired painters, sculptors, and poets. It therefore only remains for me to express a hope that my little work may prove useful, not only to teachers and scholars, but also to a large class of general readers, who, in whiling away a leisure hour, may derive some pleasure and profit from its perusal.”

undefined Theoi Greek Mythology

Supplementary material: Welcome to the Theoi Project, a site exploring Greek mythology and the gods in classical literature and art. The aim of the project is to provide a comprehensive, free reference guide to the gods (theoi), spirits (daimones), fabulous creatures (theres) and heroes of ancient Greek mythology and religion.

CLAS 2000 Introduction to Classics

undefined Western Civilization: An Open Source Book

by Ryan P. Johnson

“Topics covered include ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the rise of Christianity, the Middle Ages, the emergence of Islam, and the Renaissance.”

undefined Introduction to Ancient Greek History

by Donald Kagan

"This is an introductory course in Greek history tracing the development of Greek civilization as manifested in political, intellectual, and creative achievements from the Bronze Age to the end of the classical period. Students read original sources in translation as well as the works of modern scholars." Videos and course materials available.

undefined Roman Art

by Nancy L. Thompson

"This fully illustrated resource...includes a discussion of the relevance of Rome to the modern world, a short historical overview, and descriptions of forty-five works of art from The Met collection of Roman art. Lesson plans, classroom activities, maps, bibliographies, and a glossary are also included."

undefined Ancient Rome

by B. Frischer, B. Harris, & S. Zucker

Video depicting ancient Rome in virtual reality; This art history video discussion examines a project between Khan Academy and Rome Reborn - with Dr. Bernard Frischer.

undefined Western Civilization

by Lumen learning

Online text and course comprised of 12 modules. Topics include ancient Greece, early Roman civilization, Roman empire, ancient Egypt, and more.


CLAS 3300 Ancient Greek Culture and Civilization

undefined Greek Art from Prehistoric to Classical

by M. Norris, C. Picón, J. Mertens, E. Milleker, S. Hemingway, & C. Lightfoot

"This publication is designed not only to introduce The Met collection of Greek art, but also to provide a general grounding in ancient Greek culture, from the prehistoric period to the end of the Classical age."

undefinedThe Ancient City of Athens

by Kevin T. Glowacki

"THE ANCIENT CITY OF ATHENS is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece). It is intended primarily as a resource for students of classical art & archaeology, civilization, languages, and history…."

English (ENGL)

ENGL 2000 Interpreting Literature

undefined  World Literature I: Beginnings to 1650

Edited by L. Getty, K. Kwon, R. Kelley, & D. Thomson

"This anthology comprises of three comprehensive collections that provide samples of literature from around the world and across the ages, ranging from some of oldest tales that have survived into modernity to works from the 1650s. These texts provide an opportunity for readers to engage in extensive analysis of the works themselves and the societies that influenced and were influenced by them."

undefined  English Literature I

by Lumen Learning

"Examines major British texts from the Anglo-Saxon period to the 18th century, emphasizing the ideas and characteristics of the British literary tradition. Involves critical reading and writing."

undefinedWrite or Left: An OER Textbook for Creative Writing Courses

by Sybil Priebe

"Most creative writing textbooks cover the "big guys" of literature: poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. This textbook is different in two ways, then, because not only does it attempt to cover MORE genres, but it is also a free textbook. This has just been updated to include MORE accessibility AND Creative Commons licenses that are more in harmony than the previous versions."

undefined  Literary Interpretation: Literature and Photography

by MITOpen Courseware

"This course introduces the practice and theory of literary criticism. The seminar focuses on topics such as the history of critical methods and techniques, and the continuity of certain subjects in literary history. Instruction and practice in oral and written communication is a major component of the course. Other components include theory and use of figurative language and reading poetry."

Foreign Language (FORL)

undefinedTwentieth-Century Russian Poetry: Reinventing the Canon

Edited by K. Hodgson, J. Shelton, & A. Smith

The canon of Russian poetry has been reshaped since the fall of the Soviet Union. A multi-authored study of changing cultural memory and identity, this revisionary work charts Russia’s shifting relationship to its own literature in the face of social upheaval.

undefined Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Contemporary French Society

by MIT OpenCourseware

This course is an intermediate subject designed to help students gradually build an in-depth understanding of France. The course focuses on French attitudes and values regarding education, work, family and institutions, and deals with the differing notions that underlie interpersonal interactions and communication styles, such as politeness, friendship and formality…. This course is recommended for students planning to study and work in France and is taught in French.

History (HIST)

HIST 1030, 1031 - World Civilizations to 1500 and after 1500      

undefinedWorld History: Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500  

by E. Berger, G. L. Israel, C. Miller, B. Parkinson, A. Reeves, & N. Williams

"World History: Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500 offers a comprehensive introduction to the history of humankind from prehistory to 1500. Authored by six USG faculty members with advanced degrees in History, this textbook offers an up-to-date original scholarship. It covers such cultures, states, and societies as Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Israel, Dynastic Egypt, India’s Classical Age, the Dynasties of China, Archaic Greece, the Roman Empire, Islam, Medieval Africa, the Americas, and the Khanates of Central Asia."

Comprehensive Outline of World History

by Jack E. Maxfield

"The structure of the work is innovative. Each chapter covers a period of historical time (e.g. a century). Sections within chapters describe what was going on in every geographical region of the world; each section provides a reference for that region in the subsequent chapter, i.e. in the next time period. The reader can thus get a snapshot of the entire world at a point in time by reading one chapter, or can follow the history of a region through time by linking to sections in successive chapters."

undefined Boundless World History

by Lumen Learning

Topics span ancient civilizations through the 21st century.

Philosophy (PHIL)

PHIL 1175 Introduction to Ethics

undefined Ethics: An Online Textbook

by S. O'Sullivan & P. Pecorino

Topics include moral development, relativism, ethical theories, teleological theories, deontological theories, etc.

undefinedIntroduction to Philosophy: Ethics

Published by Rebus Community      

"We often make judgments about good and bad, right and wrong. Philosophical ethics is the critical examination of these and other concepts central to how we evaluate our own and each others' behavior and choices. This text examines some of the main threads of discussion on these topics that have developed over the last couple of millenia, mostly within the Western cultural tradition."