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Advanced Information Literacy Module for Hospitality Leadership: Library Skills

Evaluating Web Sites

Use the following 5 questions when evaluating the information provided
by a Web page to determine its credibility:

1. Who Created the Web Page?

  • Is the author/creator identified?
  • What are their qualifications?
  • Have you heard of them?
  • Do they provide contact information?
  • Does the website indicate a source of funding?

2. When Did They Create it?

  • Does the page tell you when it was created?
  • Is it updated? How often?
  • Does it need to be updated?

3. Why Did They Create it?

  • What purpose does this Web page serve?
  • What does the author get out of creating it?
  • What does this tell you about the reliability of the information this site offers?

4. What Perspective does it Represent?

  • What point of view does the site emphasize: For example, if the site deals with abortion, is it Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, or neutral?
  • Is the site reasonable or strident in tone? Does it support its arguments with facts or with rhetoric?
  • What issues doesn't the site address?

5. Is the Information Reliable?

  • Does it fit with what you've found elsewhere?
  • Is the information supported with references or sources?
  • Is the site well edited as far as spelling and grammar?
  • Does the site emphasize image (such as flashy graphics) or substance (quality content)?

Graduate 101

In order to learn advanced library skills, you will first need to throroughly go through the Graduate 101 library tutorial. Click here to get started:

Evaluating Resources

Library 101

For additional help with navigating ECU Libraries, you may wish to also go through Library 101, which is a tutorial that will go over the basics.