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The purpose of this module is to teach Hospitality Leadership students basic research skills needed to perform research in the field.  As a result of completing this tutorial, students will master the following skills: Evaluating Sources, Searching for Articles and Books, Avoiding Plagiarism, and Citing Sources, and more. 


1) Define Evidence Based Leadership

2) Ask an "Answerable Question."

Evaluate Sources  

1) Compare and contrast credible v. non-credible web sources

2) Differentiate between popular, scholarly, and trade publications.

Search for Articles  

1) Identify 3 databases for the Hospitality Leadership field

2) Infer methods to choose an appropriate database for this field.

Search for Books  

1) Formulate searches in ECU's library catalog

 Use Trade Journals  

1) Define a trade journal and what can be found in them.

2) Identify 3 trade journals in the Hospitality Leadership field.

3) Recognize attributes of trade journals and their authors.

Locate & Analyze Statistics and   Business Information  

1) Discover library databases for finding national and international business information to apply to Hospitality Leadership-related analyses

2) Recognize sources of statistical information.

Avoid Plagiarism & Cite Sources  

1) Define plagiarism

2) Identify APA citations for books, journal articles, newspapers, and websites.

Get Help  

1) List 6 ways to get help from a librarian.