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HIST 5141 North Carolina and Joyner Library Special Collections Resources: Searching the Catalog

Searching the Library Catalog

You can search the library's catalog specifically for items housed in the North Carolina Collection or Special Collections.  Simply click on the "Advanced Search" link on the catalogs main page and highlight "Joyner North Carolina Collection" or "Joyner Special Collections" in the "Collection" drop-down box. 

setting ncc limit


This sets a limit on your catalog search, forcing the catalog to only return items from the North Carolina Collection or Special Collections.  You can set other limits on this page as well, including format and publication year. 

Library Catalog Search Tips

  • Try the following keywords to find bibliographies and primary sources:
    Diaries, personal narratives, correspondence, sources, bibliography, and report while limiting by North carolina Collection or Special Collections

  • Do a subject search in the library catalog for the subject you are interested in such as:

African Americans

Ku Klux Klan

North Carolina Economic conditions

North Carolina Politics and government

North Carolina Race relations

Populist Party

Public schools



            World War North Carolina


  • You could also use the catalog's Keyword Search to identify collections with additional or similar subject matter. Truncate words by using an asterisk (*). Search for specific phrases using quotation marks. In addition to subjects noted above, searches might include:

“civil rights” and 1960s





“new deal”




urban renewal



For electronic books, try the Netlibrary database. 

NetLibrary is a web-based system for accessing and retrieving more than 50,000 fulltext reference, scholarly, and professional books in electronic format (eBooks).  ECU students, staff and faculty, use this link to create an account.