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International Studies: Orgs/Careers


Organization information is important for looking for topics for a paper, or for job hunting.

On this page, you will find:

  • Links to common organizations that commonly deal with issues relating to International Studies
  • Information about learning about careers in the field of International Studies



Investigating Major Issues in Careers


A good way to find issues in your chosen career is to visit an association or organization website that focuses on your field.  There are professional and trade associations for almost every profession and industry.  Their purpose is to promote the profession, represent the interests of professional practictioners, and answer any queries from the public. 

  1. Go to Occupational Outlook HandbookThe Handbook includes information about your profession, education requirements, earnings, links to information about the job market in each state, and trade association information.
  2. Search for your career.
  3. Note: Scroll to the section on "Sources of Additional Information" to find professional or trade associations.


Finding Information about your chosen Profession


Browsing a Professional or Trade Organization Website


The professional/trade organization website can help you research current issues in your current profession and locate trade publications.

  • Finding Issues - Look for links labeled: News, Publications, Research, Topics, Frequently Asked Questions, and Press Releases.
  • Finding Publications - Look for links labeled: Publications
    • Trade Publications are sometimes provided for free via the association website.  If they are not provided for free, check to see if the library has a subscription.

International Studies

Image depicting the poster of the Chicago World's Fair from 1933

What Can I Do With a Major in International Studies?

This site from Portland State University has a listing of possible jobs and employers for those majoring in International Studies.