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SPAN 3550: Approaches to the Study of Hispanic Literature: Articles and Criticism

Approaches to the Study of Hispanic Literature

Hint for your Assignment

In order to complete the assignment, you will need to search in the databases listed to the left.

It will be most helpful if you use limiters, which include ways of sorting articles, such as:

  • Scholarly/Academic
  • Date (Ascending or Descending)
  • Limit to books, rather than articles

There are other limiters in these databases, but these will be most helpful. Screenshots of the databases you will need to use are on the right, as well.

Finding Articles about a Topic

Online Databases: To search for articles of literary criticism, consider using the following databases. 

Foreign Languages Database Tutorial

Click the button above to be taken to a Guide on the Side tutorial that will teach you how to search in the MLA International Complete database.

Searching the MLA Database

You will use the database MLA Bibliography for a few of your scavenger hunt questions.

Here is what the search screen for the MLA Bibliography database looks like:

MLA Tutorial search box screen


Notice that I have circled where Scholarly and Language limiters are. There are other limiters on this screen that you may wish to use, including date, and publication type.


Let's say you do a search for "Mister Taylor" and limit it to "Scholarly/Peer Reviewed". This will be the results screen.

MLA International bibliography tutorial limiters page

You can also take the results and sort them by Relevance. You may wish to use the Date Descending or Date Ascending options.