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Medical Students: M2 Study Tools

Information on library resources for medical students

Additional Study Tips

Brody's Office of Student Success and Wellness can help you with study and test taking skills

All Classes

Longitudinal Courses for Block 4

Foundation of Medicine II

Basic Psychiatry

  • Check out the All Classes resources, plus the additional resources below. 

Society, Culture and Health Systems

Systems Courses for Block 4

Resources for Review and Self-assessment of Body Systems

  • The textbooks and videos within AccessMedicine, LWW, and JoVE Science Education provide good review for the systems units
  • For self-assessment, you can choose practice questions in EXAMMASTER based on body systems or chose self-assessment questions from AccessMedicine or LWW specific to the system being studied

Heme and Renal

  • Check out the All Classes resources, plus the resource below.


Nervous and Sensory

Musculoskeletal and Skin


Endocrine and Reproductive