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Dynamedex: Home

A guide to using DynaMedex

Introduction to DynaMedex

DynaMedex combines the clinical expertise and extensive, curated disease content of DynaMed with the comprehensive view into treatment options, depth and breadth of drug information and AI search capabilities of Micromedex. It provide users with evidence-based insights for optimal clinical decision-making and improved patient outcomes. (DynaMedex product page)

Features of DynaMedex

DynaMedex offers:

  • CME &MOC
  • Dynamed Decisions (shared decision making tool)
  • Overviews and recommendations
  • DDx tool--Isabel
  • Micromedex
    • drugs
    • drug interactions
    • Medical calculators

Ask a Librarian

Live Chat

Chat with a librarian is available 9-5 Monday-Saturday.

You can also contact a librarian.

Call us:

1-888-820-0522 (toll free)


Or email us:

How to Reach DynaMedex

DynaMedex can be reached through the Laupus Library using the DynaMedex link within our A-Z Databases list. To reach DynaMedex through the Library, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Laupus Library website ( or by searching Laupus Library in your internet browser)
  2. Click on the Databases List under the One Search bar
  3. Either type DynaMedex into the A-Z database search bar or click on the letter "D" and scroll down to DynaMedex 
  4. You may have to sign in with your pirateID and passphrase when off campus

DynaMedex should also be integrated within the EHR in ECU health, so there should be a link within EPIC to reach DynaMedex

Using DynaMedex

DynaMedex can be used from your computer's web broswer or on your phone with the DynaMedex App. 

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