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A Road Map to Music Research: Three: Add depth to your findings... searching our online catalogs.

  • Our library catalogs are helpful in locating items that contain more established, time-tested information than can be found in periodical publications.
  • Don't forget to use the vocabulary terms you gathered during your initital encyclopedia exploration.
  • We offer two catalogs: One Search and Library Catalog.
  • Each catalog offers features that will serve you better depending on your research needs.  See below for details on when and how to use each.

One Search

  • Searches for items in a broad range of databases, including the Library Catalog and all of the music journal indexes.
  • Best when you want to see everything out there about a subject, but can be overwhelming.
  • Begins with a broad keyword search that you narrow through the use of "facets."
  • Use One Search

Library Catalog

  • Searches only for things available in an ECU library.
  • Best when you seek a physical item you want to check out and take with you.
  • Offers an Advanced Search that allows for more targeted searching.
  • Use Library Catalog

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