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A Road Map to Music Research: One: Plan your research route...

...with dictionaries, encyclopedias, and bio-bibliographies.

  • Start off in the right direction by learning more about your chosen topic and gathering vocabulary terms that will help you locate more in-depth information elsewhere.
  • All offer topical articles and bibliographies.  The articles provide knowledge and vocabulary; the bibliographies can be used to locate journal articles and books via our online catalogs.
  • Both print and electronic versions exist.  See below for help with finding them.

Find print music dictionaries, encyclopedias, and bio-bibliographies

Search the Library Catalog Advanced Search as follows:

  • For dictionaries and encyclopedias, do a "Subject" search on the subject of your choice plus the word "encyclopedias" (e.g., mozart encyclopedias)
  • For bio-bibliographies, do a "Subject" search on the subject of your choice plus the word "bibliography" (e.g., mozart bibliography)

Find electronic music dictionaries, encyclopedias, and bio-bibliographies

Oxford Music Online is THE online music dictionary/encyclopedia source, and searches the following:

  • New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
  • New Grove Dictionary of Jazz
  • New Grove Dictionary of Opera
  • New Grove Dictionary of American Music
  • New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments
  • Encyclopedia of Popular Music
  • Oxford Dictionary of Music
  • Oxford Companion to Music.

Oxford Bibliographies - Music is a growing music bibliography with articles and lists of materials on a number of musical personalities and topics.

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Music Research from Start to Finish

Finding Music Resources In the Library Catalog