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Presentations: Poster Presentation

Presentation Portion of Poster Presentation

Poster presentations are one of the most common ways to disseminate information at meetings and conferences.  Poster presentations provide space for the researcher and audience to come together for discussion and Q&A. 

Below you will find information on how to give a successful poster presentation.

Effective Presentation Tips

Below you will find some tips and tricks to help make you an effective presenter. 

Eye Contact

Making eye contact is a great way to engage with your audience.  Eye contact should be no longer than 2-3 seconds per person.  Eye contact for much longer than that can begin to make the audience member feel uncomfortable.


Smiling lets attendees know you are happy to be there and that you are excited to talk with them about your project.


We all know that body language says a lot, so here are some things you should remember when giving your presentation.

  • Stand with both feet on the floor, not with one foot crossed over the other. 
  • Do not stand with your hands in your pockets, or with your arms crossed.
  • Stand tall with confidence and own your space (remember you are the expert).  

Abbreviated Notes

Having a written set of notes or key points that you want to address can help prevent you from reading the poster. 

Speak Clearly

Sometimes when we get nervous we begin to talk fast and blur our words.  It is important that you make sure every word is distinct and clear. A great way to practice your speech is to say tongue twisters. 

Ten tiny tots tottered toward the shore

Literally literary. Literally literary.  Literally literary.

Sally soon saw that she should sew some sheets.

Avoid Fillers

Occasionally we pick up fillers that we are not aware of, such as um, like, well, etc. One way to get rid of fillers is to have a friend listen to your speech and every time you say a "filler" have that friend tap you on the arm or say your name.  This will bring the filler to light, then you can practice avoiding that filler.

Manage Anxiety

Many people get nervous when they are about to speak to a crowd of people.  Below are ways that you can manage your anxiety levels. 

  • Practice, Practice, Practice - the more prepared you are the less nervous you will be.
  • Recognize that anxiety is just a big shot of adrenalin.
  • Take deep breaths before your presentation to calm you down. 

Giving an Effective Poster Presentation

Presention Help


Are feeling anxious about an upcoming speech or presentation? Do you worry about your audience being able to understand what you are saying? Are stumbling over how to organize a successful presentation?

If so, the Speech Communication Center can help you organize and deliver a dynamic, engaging, and organized presentation.  You can schedule a one-on-one consultation by clicking here.