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ORCID and Other Researcher Identifiers: Develop your ORCID Profile

Your ORCID Number

Once you sign up for ORCID, you'll be assigned an ORCID ID number.  Your number is located underneath your name on your ORCID profile.  When asked for an ORCID ID, you can include this number.  You can also include it in email signatures, personal website, resumes, etc.

ORCID and Privacy Settings

You have three types of privacy settings for your ORCID profile.  You can customize the privacy settings for each section of your ORCID profile.

Public: visible by everyone

Trusted Parties: visible to parties that you authorize and hidden to others

Private: visible only to you


Completing your ORCID Profile

You can manually add any information to your ORCID profile.  However, some areas, like publications and grants, will give you the option to import your works to populate your ORCID profile.  


To save you time, you can import your grants and publications using the following resources.  Additionally, you can manually add either, if needed.

To add articles, you can manually enter them or import them using a variety options.  CrossRef and Scopus for ORCID are easy ones to use.