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NIH Public Access Policy Compliance: My NCBI

Provides information on how to ensure NIH-funded research is in compliance with their Public Access Policy. Lack of compliance can lead to a delay in receipt of funds.

How to make a My NCBI Account

NIH's Mandate

The NIH Public Policy requires researchers to create a My NCBI account, where you will enter your publications and track the compliance of those publications.

Account Creation

You can find the link to the sign in area to My NCBI by clicking here or by clicking Sign into NCBI at the top right of the front page of PubMed

If you already have an eRA Commons login, select "NIH Login", and your My NCBI account will be created using that same password. 

If you are the researcher, you will find the NIH login is the one that you want to use as this helps ensure that your accounts will link properly, and it will ensure that you can maintain compliance with the policy.  Additionally, it is much easier to complete the RPPR using My NCBI to maintain compliance.  Your citation is reported in the RPPR automatically once you have entered it into your My NCBI account.

If you have created a My NCBI account in the past and need to ensure that it is linked to your eRA Commons account, please contact us at:

For more information on getting started with My NCBI, check out the My NCBI Help page.