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NIH Public Access Policy Compliance: Demonstrate Compliance

Provides information on how to ensure NIH-funded research is in compliance with their Public Access Policy. Lack of compliance can lead to a delay in receipt of funds.

Demonstrating Compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy

When citing your work for NIH non-competing continuation awards, you would report your manuscripts through My NCBI.

If you are citing your NIH grant-funded work that is subject to the NIH Public Access Policy in other places, you must include the PMCID at the end of your citation.

If you do not yet have a PMCID, NIH allows you to include your NIHMSID only if your manuscript meets both of the following requirements. 

1.  When using the Article Submission Method C or D

2.  Only when you as the NIH grant awardee need to cite your paper quickly after journal acceptance and the NIHMS process is still in progress.

If you do use the NIHMSID to demonstrate compliance, NIH mandates that it can only be used for up to three months after your paper has been published.  After that, you must have the PMCID for your work attached to your citation in order to demonstrate compliance.


For more information on demonstrating compliance:

View NIH Notice Number NOT-OD-09-136

See the NIH Citation Methods

Contact us for help: