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Special Collections: Searching for Primary Documents at ECU: North Carolina Collection

North Carolina Collection

Visit ECU's North Carolina Collection for primary sources, newspapers, genealogy information, and more!

What primary sources can I find?

The North Carolina collection has a mix of primary and secondary sources. If you're looking for primary sources, the resources listed below will be most helpful to you.

About the Collection


The Verona Joyner Langford North Carolina Collection has current and historical information related to the state of North Carolina. Our focus is the eastern part of the state, and we serve ECU students, faculty, and staff, as well as residents of eastern North Carolina and visiting researchers.

Searching the Library Catalog

You can search the library's catalog specifically for items housed in the North Carolina Collection.  Simply look at the limiters on the left hand side of the main search page and check off "Joyner North Carolina Collection" in the "Collection" section.


This sets a limit on your catalog search, forcing the catalog to only return items from the North Carolina Collection.  You can set other limits on this page as well, including format and publication year. 

NCC Online Guides

The NCC keeps up a number of pages that will help you search the collection and beyond. Click on the blue i icon to read more about each of these tools, or click on the link to be taken to them.

Searching Tips

Try the following keywords to find bibliographies and primary sources:

Diaries, personal narratives, correspondence, sources, bibliography, and report

Go to reference works include:

The Encyclopedia of North Carolina

NoCar Ref 254.E4 2006

The Dictionary of North Carolina Biography

NoCar Ref CT252.D5

North Carolina History: an Annotated Bibliography

NoCar Ref F254 .J66 1995