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One Search Help: Home

What is One Search?

One Search simplifies the process of finding information in the Libraries. It searches through a massive collection of books, scholarly journals, newspaper articles, e-books, dissertations, conference proceedings, and numerous academic databases.

Rather than search for all of these things in separate databases, One Search lets you find them all at once, quickly and easily. Even better, it's tied directly to what is available through the East Carolina University Libraries, whether online or in print.

What's in One Search?


When Should I Use One Search?

One Search is a powerful way to find materials available online and in print from the ECU Libraries. One Search is ideal for tasks like:

  • Exploratory research to select a topic. Discovering a broad overview of what's "out there."
  • Finding a variety of representative information on a topic, from various online and print sources. Many undergraduates are well-served by One Search.
  • For graduate students, professors, and other seeking a comprehensive search, add One Search to your existing search strategies. Because One Search covers a very broad range of sources, it is a great way to find information in related disciplines.

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