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NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing: Home

Provides information on the NIH policy updates for data management plans and sharing, effective January 25, 2023. Lack of compliance can lead to a delay in receipt of funds.


**Effective January 25, 2023**


Effective January 25, 2023

NIH released their Final Policy for Data Management and Sharing on October 29, 2020. In the official notice, NIH stated:

This Policy establishes the requirements of submission of Data Management and Sharing Plans and compliance with NIH Institute, Center, or Office (ICO)-approved Plans. It also emphasizes the importance of good data management practices and establishes the expectation for maximizing the appropriate sharing of scientific data generated from NIH-funded or conducted research, with justified limitations or exceptions. This Policy applies to research funded or conducted by NIH that results in the generation of scientific data.

The new policy states that all applicants applying for research funding must provide a Data Management and Sharing Plan. While legal, technical and ethical reasons for not sharing data may be provided as justification for not sharing data, the NIH expects researchers to maximize data sharing whenever possible.

The NIH has been developing research repositories for data resulting from their funding. They also support the use of generalist repositories external to the NIH. The full list of NIH repositories may be found on the NIH Data Repositories page. Note that both Open Science Framework and Dataverse are among the list of approved Generalist Repositories. ECU specifically supports access to these repositories for the storage of research datasets that do not contain personally identifiable information.

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