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Microforms in the North Carolina Collection: Home




This is a guide to the microforms that are located in Room 3302 in the North Carolina Collection. The microforms include microfilm and microfiche. The microforms do not circulate, but may be copied using the microform reader/printer. As always, please ask the library staff if you have any questions about using the microforms.

To locate the microforms easily, you will notice a bold number in parentheses after each description or item throughout this guide. This number is the corresponding drawer number in Room 3302.


Newspapers -- The North Carolina Collection contains two types of newspapers on microfilm: Newspapers filmed by the North Carolina Division of Archives and History and newspapers obtained from other sources.

The North Carolina Division of Archives and History series consists of eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century newspapers. Newspapers in the North Carolina Division of Archives and History series are filed by Archives and History call numbers. (83-150)

Newspapers obtained from other sources include newspapers that are currently subscribed to by the North Carolina Collection and early twentieth-century newspapers that have limited publication runs. These newspapers are filed alphabetically by the name of the newspaper. (1-82) Newspapers currently subscribed to are listed below:

•  Charlotte Observer
•  Daily Reflector
•  East Carolinian
•  News and Observer*

Indexes to the News and Observer in various formats cover the period from 1926 to the present. Please ask a librarian for assistance in using them.

A “Guide to North Carolina’s Newspapers on Microfilm,” available in the North Carolina Collection Microfilm Room, contains a complete list of the collection’s newspaper holdings.

Periodicals -- The periodicals on microfilm are in alphabetical order by title. (1-82)  Current issues of these titles can be found in the Periodical Reading Area of the North Carolina Collection. Bound and unbound copies of these periodicals can be found in the North Carolina stacks. Microfilm holdings are as follows:

•  Carolina Comments  vol. 26-33; 1978-1985
•  Carolina Quarterly  vol. 30-38; 1978-1986
•  Expressions  vol. 1-Spring, 1992; 1985-1992
•  Greensboro Review -- vol. 23-40; 1977-1986
•  North Carolina Catholic -- vol. 1-44; 1946-1990
•  The North Carolina Historical Review -- vol. 1-5; 1924-1928
•  North Carolina Libraries -- vol. 39-43, 51; 1981-1985, 1993
•  School Law Bulletin -- vol. 12-16; 1981-1985

County Records Series -- #C.009 - C.079 -- County level records up to the year 1900 for the following counties: Beaufort, Bertie, Carteret, Chowan, Craven, Edgecombe, Halifax, Hyde, Lenoir, Martin, Pasquotank, Perquimans, and Pitt. Consult the guide available in the Microforms Room for detailed listings of each county. (245-259)

U.S. Censuses for North Carolina -- Included are population schedules for the years 1790 through 1930. For the years 1850 through 1880, there are special schedules including mortality, slave, agricultural and manufacturing schedules. (186-191) For more information on this topic, please see the handout entitled “Printed Indexes to United States Census Records in the North Carolina Collection.”

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of North Carolina -- The Sanborn Map Company developed their maps to assist insurance companies in determining the risk of fire in cities and towns throughout the country. Today, these maps are useful to understand how a community developed or what the community was like at a particular time. The collection includes maps for many North Carolina cities and towns from the time period 1884 to 1980. The maps show buildings, railroads, streets, bodies of water, and other features. The maps also have a color and symbol code to depict such information as construction material, number of floors, and availability of fire-fighting equipment. To see the list of cities and the dates of the Sanborn Maps, please use the “Guide to the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of North Carolina,” call number Joyner NC Reference G1300.S26 1996 guide. (184)

Theses/Monographs -- The theses in the North Carolina Collection include works about North Carolina or written by North Carolinians. Subjects include social, geological, historical, nutritional, and medical studies. The theses are filed in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. (160-166)

Archival Collections --

•  American Missionary Association Archives: North Carolina (1)
•  Thomas Bragg Diary (181)
•  Thomas Burke Papers (181)
•  ECU History, 1909-1972 (32)
•  William Gaston Papers (181)
•  Claude Kitchen Papers (181)
•  David Outlaw Papers (182)
•  Zebulon B. Vance Papers (192)
•  Wilbur and Orville Wright Papers (193)
•  Wright Brothers Scrapbooks (193)

U.S. Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands - North Carolina (192) -- Records of the States -- North Carolina (182-183)

Miscellaneous Films -- The miscellaneous films included in the microfilm collection, listed below, are filed by cutter numbers.

•  Seawall and Revetment Design for Long-term Protection of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, N.C. (Cutter #Ha 28a)
•  Report on Generalized Monitoring of SEASCAPE Installation at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, N.C. (Cutter #Ha 28b)
•  W. D. Herrington: The Captain's Bride: A Tale of the War (Cutter #H435.84c)
•  W. D. Herrington: The Deserter’s Daughter (Cutter #H435.84d)
•  FBI file on the Black Panther Party in North Carolina (Cutter #B561p)
•  N.C. Commission to Study the Statutes Related to Visiting Speakers at State Supported Educational Institutions (Cutter #C737)
•  N.C. Division of Archives and History. Historical Research Reports Series 1, no. 1-74; and Series 2, no. 1-34. (Cutter #H629)
•  North Carolina Historical Commission Minutes, 1921-1924 (Cutter #H629m)
•  Lenoir County, N.C. Marriage Register 1873-1924, 2 vols. (Cutter #Le5)
•  N.C. County History Series, Reels 1-32 (Cutter #N714)
•  Solinet Microfilming Project (184-185)
•  Jerry Raynor Collection (Cutter #R218)


The Carolinian -- The Carolinian (Raleigh) is a bi-weekly newspaper that pertains to African-American issues. The North Carolina Collection has issues for the period 1945 to 1987. (235-236)

1980 Census of Population and Housing -- Holdings include summary tape files 1A and 3A as well as maps showing enumeration districts for counties, places and metropolitan areas. (228)

Department of Human Resources Basic Automated BIRTH YEARBOOK, 1975-1987 -- This series contains birth statistics for each county in the state for each of the years indicated. (228)

Environmental Impact Statements -- Also included on microfiche are environmental impact statements for the years 1970-1983. These are documents produced by the Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Criteria and Standards. The documents are site assessments of environmental projects. The reports include a scope of work, the environmental effects the project entailed and alternative actions for the project. They are in numerical order by year. (229)

News and Observer Index -- The News and Observer Index for the years 1977 through 1981 and 1988 on are filed numerically by year and topic. The topics are listed, followed by the title of the article, the date of publication, the section number and then the page number. (225)

North Carolina Supreme Court Records and Briefs -- These are unpublished records associated with cases decided by the North Carolina Supreme Court, from 1982 to 1985. (237)

State Documents -- The North Carolina Collection is a full depository for state documents on microfiche. State documents cover a diverse range of subjects of current interest such as the environment, social issues, business and labor, cultural affairs, human resources and education. State documents are classified by a special scheme designated by the State Library. State documents are listed in the online catalog as Joyner NC Documents. The documents cover the years from 1988 to the present. (205-219)