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Library Resources for DNP Students: The Scholarly Project

This guide provides information on how best to utilize library resources throughout your DNP program at the College of Nursing.

Your Scholarly Project and the ScholarShip

The ScholarShip is ECU's electronic repository of scholarly works produced by students, faculty, and staff of ECU. Your Scholarly Project will be submitted to the ScholarShip once it has received approval from your advisor.

Looking for inspiration? Browse DNP projects that have been approved for inclusion!


Screenshot of The ScholarShip at ECU

Submission process

1. Attain permission from your faculty mentor to submit your final draft of your Scholarly Project to the ScholarShip.

Submissions must have been approved by your mentor before they are submitted. Documents cannot be changed after submission. Changes that need to be made after submission require removal of the original submission and then resubmission. Make sure that you have met all requirements before you begin the submission process.

2. Redact or remove identifying information from your document.

Before uploading your document to the ScholarShip, you will need to redact or remove identifying information. This includes all signatures, patient information, etc. Bear in mind that the ScholarShip is not HIPAA-compliant. It is a public repository that can be accessed by anyone regardless of affiliation with ECU. If you are not sure if a certain piece of information should be redacted or removed, consult with your faculty mentor.

  • Redacting identifying information:
    • If you need to include the facsimile of a document that has identifying information that cannot be deleted (such as a scanned copy of a signed page), you may draw a black box around the signature to mask it.
    • NOTE: If you do this, you MUST upload your document as a PDF so that the box cannot be removed.
    • It is NOT recommended that you use black highlighting as an option to redact identifying information. On a Word document, black highlighting can be turned off. On a PDF, the text under black highlighting can be selected, copied, and pasted into a Word document, allowing readers to see the identifying information. For redaction, best practice is to draw a black box around the identifying information, then upload it as a PDF to ScholarShip.
  • Removing identifying information:
    • This is probably the easiest method to ensure that all private information is kept private. Simply remove identifying text and replace it with a bracketed descriptive statement. For instance, [clinic site] may be used if the name of the site must be kept private.
    • If you need to remove an entire page, such as an appended document, simply delete the content from that page and replace it with the following bracketed text at the top of your page: [Appendix A has been removed.]

3. Choose the file type that suits you--the ScholarShip accepts both Word documents and PDF files for uploaded submissions.

Although PDFs are more stable than Word documents, they are not fool-proof. See the above remarks regarding redaction.

4. Check your ECU e-mail regularly for follow-up from your liaison librarian.

Once you have submitted your Scholarly Project, I will check the document for accuracy (to ensure that the correct document was submitted, that page numbers match the Table of Contents, etc.), as well as for redaction or removal of identifying information. If there are changes to be made, I will e-mail you at your ECU e-mail address with instructions, and then your submission will be removed from the system. You will receive an e-mail indicating that your submission was rejected. Once you receive that confirmation e-mail, please make the recommended changes and resubmit.

If I review your submission and find no changes to be made, I will e-mail you at your ECU e-mail address to inform you that your submission has been approved for inclusion within the ScholarShip.

Please e-mail me at any time should you have any questions or concerns regarding this process.

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