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NURS 3750 - Nursing Honors Project (Neil): Nursing Research Design

Nursing Research Design


Research design refers to the overall strategy that you will use to integrate the different components of your study in a coherent and logical way to ensure that you have effectively addressed the research problem. Your research design becomes the "blueprint" for the collection, measurement, and analysis of your data. Note that the actual problem you are researching will determine the type of design you use, not the other way around. 

Adapted from: De Vaus, D. A. Research Design in Social Research. London: SAGE, 2001; Trochim, William M.K. Research Methods Knowledge Base. 2006.

Books @Laupus about Nursing Research Design: 


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 Nursing Research Using Participatory Action Research:


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 Nursing Research Using Ethnography


 Nursing Research: Reading, Using, and Creating Evidence


 Nursing Research Using Grounded Theory


Useful Articles & Publications related to Nursing Research Design



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