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Study Skills: Test-Taking Tips

Test-Taking Tips

  • Arrive Early
  • Relax
  • Budget your time
    • If you have 100 questions and 60 minutes to take the test, don't take too much time for a single question
  • Do a memory dump
    • Write down key equations or facts on scrap paper at the beginning of your test time so that you can focus on the test instead of remembering equations
  • Read directions carefully
  • Read the end of the question first, especially if it is a long question
  • Look for cues
  • Narrow down the answers
    • If two answers are very similar, or exact opposites, one may be the correct answer
  • Answer all questions
  • Rely on your first impression
  • Review your answers
  • Save time for essay questions
  • Analyze and evaluate your test-taking skills after each test
    • Make adjustments as needed
  • Note what type of questions you are struggling with and practice that type of question

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