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PSYC 4250: Health Disparities: Psychological Perspectives & Solutions: Health Disparities


Locating health-related data and statistics can feel overwhelming! Below you will find resources to help you locate health-related data in order to describe the health disparities affecting citizens of your county and understand the factors that contribute to them . Please keep in mind that this guide is not comprehensive; rather, it provides links to frequently used health data and statistics websites.  

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when trying to locate health-related data: 

  • Think in terms of major stakeholders. Who is likely to be responsible for keeping track of data on a particular health-related topic? Who cares about the topic?
  • Compiling data does take time. Therefore data from the past few years may have to suffice as "recent" data.  

Sometimes you are able to find statistics through a simple Google search, by search for your topic along with the word statistics.  

  • Example: adolescent obesity "united states" statistics

Getting Started with Health Statistics

Major Producers of Health Statistics

The U.S. government collects a huge amount of health data. Agency websites serve as portals to finding health statistics on all kinds of topics, so they make a great starting place in your search for statistical information.

North Carolina Statistics

United States Statistical Sites