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The Cold War and Internal Security Collection (CWIS): HCIS

The House Committee on Internal Security (HCIS)

The House Committee on Internal Security (HCIS) was the renamed successor to the House Un-American Activities Committee. Formed in 1969, the committee was eliminated in 1975.

The CWIS Collection includes over 100 volumes worth of hearings and reports from HCIS. Most can be found under the SuDoc Stem Y 4. In 8/15, with the rest having the stem Y 1.1/8.


Notable HCIS Documents in the CWIS Collection

Examples of noteworthy HCIS documents in the CWIS Collection include:

  • Gun-Barrel Politics, Black Panther Party, 1966-71. Aug. 18, 1971. (SuDoc no: Y 1.1/8:92-470)
  • Investigation of Attempts to Subvert United States Armed Services. 1972 (SuDoc no: Y 4.In 8/15:Ar 5; 3 pts.)
  • Investigation of Students for a Democratic Society. 1969. (SuDoc no: Y 4.In 8/15:St 9; 7 pts.)
  • Terrorism. 1974. (SuDoc no: Y 4.In 8/15:T 27; 4 pts.)
  • Theory and Practice of Communism. 1973-74. (SuDoc no: Y 8/15:C 73/973; 6 pts.)