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CHEM 2251: Quantitative and Instrumental Analysis: SciFinder-n

Introduction to Reference Searching

Introduction to Substance Searching

Introduction to Reaction Searching

Chemistry Database Tutorial

SciFinder Scholar

Click the button above to be taken to a Guide on the Side tutorial that will teach you how to search the SciFinder Scholar database.


For additional tutorials, visit the SciFinder Training website.


How to Access SciFinder-n

Access SciFinder-n through Joyner Library's homepage


Locate the searchbox on the Joyner Library homepage and click on the "Find Databases" link.


Click on the "S" in the A-Z list and click on the SciFinder-n


There are two options for logging into SciFinder, select the appopriate one

             *  If you've never logged into SciFinder select the link entitled - "First time ECU user of SciFinder Web?"

             *  If you already have a CAS SciFinder Account set-up select the link entitled "Already registered?"


After clicking on the appropriate link, you will be asked for your Pirate ID and Password

Have questions?  Ask the Reference desk at