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The Seattle Public Library (shown below) represents an astounding achievement in library architecture and design. To find information on the library and other notable buildings, please use the resources on this page.

Exterior of the Seattle Public Library

What's a 'Scholarly Journal'?

For many course assignments, you will be required to use scholarly journals. These are also called "academic' journals, 'peer-reviewed' journals, or 'refereed' journals. Here are some characteristics that distinguish scholarly journals from more popular magazines (see especially tips in red):

Scholarly Journals

  • Audience is made up of scholars, researchers, students of the field
  • Written by specialists in the field, usually scholars with Ph.D.s -- are signed and often include author's credentials.
  • Appearance is serious and sober, with few colors and few or no advertisements
  • Coverage is original research results and scholarship
  • Are written in technical and scholarly language and may be reviewed or "refereed" before publication by an editorial board or outside scholars
  • Articles are usually at least 7-10 pages in length
  • Supposed to present objective/neutral viewpoint; often published by professional associations such as National Communication Association
  • Frequency is usually quarterly or semi-annual
  • References are cited and usually includes a bibliography and/or footnotes
  • Examples are American Journal of Archaeology, Archaeological Reports, and Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.

Understanding Databases

Art and Architecture Databases

The following are direct links to all of the subscription databases for ECU Libraries on the subject of Art and Architecture.

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