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Criminal Justice - General Resources

Subject-Specific Databases

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Criminal Justice Database Tutorial
Click the icon to complete a guided tutorial on how to find research in the Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text database.

Other Subject-Specific Databases

The criminal justice field includes topics that relate to other fields/subject areas.  Don't be afraid to check out these additional subject-specific databases to see what other resources are available.

Recommended Journals

Click a journal below, then choose the database within which to view it.

*Please note the date ranges for each database*

Multidisciplinary Databases

Proquest Research Library is a multi-disciplinary database of (largely) scholarly articles.

An excellent starting place for research.. 

Guide on the Side Tutorial

Click the button above to be taken to a Guide on the Side tutorial that will teach you how to search in the ProQuest Research Library database.


RefWorks is a citation management software that you can use to simplify the research process. You can keep citations to articles in RefWorks, access journal articles in databases without searching for them again, cite sources in your paper, and create a bibliography with RefWorks. This software is available to all students at ECU during the duration of their time at ECU. Click the button below to get registered! Click here for tutorials.

RefWorks Link