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Map Series in the North Carolina Collection: Soil Maps

Soil Maps

General Soil Maps of North Carolina, 1978
Scope and content: These 9 maps, developed by the N.C. Soil Conservation Service and the N.C. Dept. of Natural Resources and Community Development, show where different soil types are found throughout the state.

Access: The maps are arranged by map number.
County Soil Maps
Scope and Content:
These were produced around 1970 by the United States Department of Agriculture's Soil Conservation Service. They were intended for "broad planning purposes" only. Most of the maps are color coded. Each map is accompanied by a chart of soil interpretations; some include narrative descriptions.  For more detailed information, see the county soil surveys noted below.

Access: The maps are arranged in alphabetical orders by county in a vertical file.

County Soil Surveys
Scope and content: The North Carolina Collection contains many published soil surveys that contain detailed maps. Some date from the early twentieth century and others were published more recently. The polychrome county soil survey maps that accompanied soil surveys published in the early twentieth century have been separated from their survey publications and stored in map cases. They contain a wealth of information, including the location of roads, buildings, and natural features.  The later series often include aerial photos of each county as well as general maps.

Access: Both series can be found by conducting a subject keyword search for "Soils North Carolina [name of county]" in the online catalog.