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Map Series in the North Carolina Collection: Topographic Maps

Topographic Maps

U.S.Geological Survey Map Series
The U.S. Geological Survey has cooperated with state agencies to produce a number of topographic map series. The maps show altitude and bodies of water as well as towns and cities, schools, churches, and cemeteries.

The North Carolina Collection holds the following series:  7.5 Minute Series, 15 Minute Series, 30 x 60 Minute Series, 30 Minute Series, 1 x 2 Degree Series, and the segment of the National Park System Map Series that shows the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The North Carolina collection retains both current and older editions of these maps, covering dates from the early 1900s to the present. 

The maps are arranged alphabetically by quadrangle name within each series. The North Carolina Index to Topographic and Other Map Coverage accompanies the maps.


TopoNC Database
TopoNC is a database that allows keyword searching for places, features, and quadrangle names within 7.5 topographical maps for the state of North Carolina. Search results include county, quadrangle name, latitude and longitude, and a hyperlink for Joyner’s print holdings of 7.5 topographic maps for the quadrangle. In addition, a Digital Raster Graphic of the topographic map from TerraServer is included.