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Psychology: Testing and Assessment

Testing and Assessment Resources

Reliability and Validity

  • Reliability: The ability of a measure to produce consistent results when the same entities are measured under the same conditions.
  • Validity: Validity concerns the extent to which an instrument measures what it is intended to measure.

Learn more about validity and reliability by reviewing the entry on "Psychometrics: Norms, Reliability, Validity, and Item Analysis" (p. 759) in the ebook below.

American Psychological Association - Assessment & Testing


Tips for searching:

* If you know the test or measurement:

  • Click the database link
  • Scroll to the bottom to where you may type that into the search

* For browsing tests and measures in articles:

  • Click the database link
  • Click the search button without entering any search terms,
  • Scroll down the left side to view the available tests and measures in your results

Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print - Search Tips

Tip: After clicking the database name, you can browse tests by scrolling down to test category

Select a Field (Drop Down Boxes)

  • TI Title - Search by test title
  • AC Acronym  - Search by the test's acronym
  • SC Scores - Search by what the test measures

Helpful Limiters (left side of your results list)

  • Test Category
  • Administration
  • Has Review

HAPI - Search Tips

Mandatory Searching Technique

  1. Select "Multi-Field Search"
  2. Choose "Fulltext"
  3. Drop Down Options:
    1. "Source Code" tells the database what type of source you want to search for.  Search for Review Source.

Other Drop Down Search Options

  1. "Measure Descriptor" determines what the test is measuring.  Ex. Depression or Intelligence
  2. Title: Search for tests by title Ex. Stanford-Binet
  3. Acronym: Search for tests by acroynm.

You must always select "Source Review"