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Understanding Databases

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What's a 'Scholarly Journal'?

  Also known as academic journals, peer-reviewed journals, or refereed journals. These are distinguished from popular magazines or trade journals.

Scholarly Journals

  • Audience is made up of scholars, researchers, students of the field
  • Written by specialists in the field, usually scholars with Ph.D.s -- are signed and often include author's credentials.
  • Appearance is serious and sober, with few colors, few or no advertisements
  • Coverage is original research results and scholarship
  • Written in technical, scholarly language; may be reviewed or "refereed" before publication by an editorial board or outside scholars
  • Articles are usually at least 7-10 pages in length
  • Frequency is usually quarterly or semi-annual
  • References are cited and usually includes a bibliography and/or footnotes
  • Examples are Theatre Journal; Dance Research; Dance Research Journal.