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Cricut Maker : FAQ

Introductary overview of the Cricut Maker and its availablity in the TRC production center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Cricut located? 

  • The Cricut is located on the second floor of Joyner Library in the TRC's Ann Rhem Schwarzmann Production Center. 

Who can use the Cricut? 

  •  All ECU library patrons with a valid ECU One Card or Area Educator Card may use the Cricut in the production center. 

When is the Cricut available for usage? 

  • The Cricut is only available for usage during regular staffed TRC service desk hours. 

What software do I need to cut or print using the Cricut? 

  • Design Space is the only software compatible to use with the Cricut. 

Does it cost to download or access Design Space? 

  • No, the free version of Design Space can be installed on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices. 

Can I use the TRC's paid version of the Design Space subscription? 

  • Yes, the TRC does allow library patrons to use the TRC's paid subscription version of Design Space. Howver, you may only access it on the designated production center desktop computer. 

I have never used a Cricut, what should I do prior to my first visit? 

  •  We encourage beginning users to practice with the software prior to their first visit to use the Cricut. More information and tutorial videos for beginners can be found under the "Getting Started" tab. 

I do not have my own vinyl, can I purchase vinyl to use with the Cricut form the TRC? 

  • Yes, the TRC does offer vinyl sheet sets available for purchase. The cost of vinyl sheet sets are $3.00 per sheet set.
  • It is important to note that all paid services in the TRC must be for ECU organizations or for educational purposes. 

Does it cost to use the Cricut if I bring my own materials? 

  • No, ECU library patons may bring in their own vinyl or paper materials to use with the Cricut at no charge to them. 
  • Please note that the only materials approved for usage on the TRC Cricut are vinyl and paper. 

Does the TRC offer instructional sessions for the Cricut? 

  • The TRC is not currently offering instructional sessions on the Cricut. 

Can I make my design before coming to the TRC to cut/print on the Cricut? 

  • Yes, we encourage library patrons to make thier design prior to visiting the production center to use the Cricut. 

Can I reserve the Cricut? 

  • No, at this time Cricut is only available as a walk-in service.