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Introductary overview of the Cricut Maker and its availablity in the TRC production center.

What is a Cricut?


Cricut Maker in the TRC production center A Cricut is a smart cutting/drawing machine that allows users to create a wide variety of items. Through the easy-to-use app, Design Space, Cricut users can design, create, and personlize almost anything imaginable. 

There are mutiple models of Cricut machines with the most popular machines being the Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore, and the Cricut Maker.

The Cricut Maker is the model that is availbale for usage in ECU's Teaching Resources Center.


The Cricut is only available for usage during TRC service desk hours in the Schwarzmann Production Center

  • The Cricut will remain in the Schwarzmann Production Center at all times
  • It is recommended that library patrons arrive no less than one hour prior to the TRC service desk closing to access the Cricut and ensure ample time to complete projects



Available Equipment 

  • Cricut Maker 
  • 12" x 12" Cutting Mats 
  • 12" x 24" Cutting Mats 
  • Scraper 
  • Spatula 
  • Scissors 
  • Weeder
  • Assorted colors ultimate fine point 30 piece pen set 


Cricut materials

Know Before You Visit

  • Library patrons must provide a valid ECU One Card OR Area Educator Card with a photo ID for admittance into the production center
  • Design Space is the required software to cut/print with the Cricut
  • For efficiency is it advisable that library patrons have their Cricut designs pre-made before visiting the production center
  • Library patrons with no previous experience using a Cricut machine should watch the "Beginner's Guide" tutorial videos found under the "Getting Started" tab before their intital visit to use the Cricut
  • The Cricut, like our other production center equipment, is a self-service station. TRC staff may offer assistance with getting the Cricut set up for cutting/printing, adjusting mats, changing blades, and troubleshooting, but we are unable to offer assistance with project creation.
  • Make sure to explore all of the information under our "Resources" tab for great project ideas and tips!

Cricut Guidelines


  • The Cricut is available to library patrons as a walk-in service 
  • We cannot take reservations nor guarantee availablity of the Cricut
  • Please limit group sizes to 4 perons or less when working with the Cricut


  • Design Space is the required software for the Cricut
  • The TRC does have a subscription to Design Space - Cricut Access with additional features that library patons may utilize on the production center desktop computer
  • Please familiarize yourself with the Desgin Space software prior to your first visit
  • Instructional videos are located under the "Getting Started" tab


  • Library patrons may purchase vinyl sheet sets from the TRC as indicated under "materials"
  • Library patrons may use the Cricut at no charge with vinyl or paper materials they purchase elsewhere
  • Library patrons may print from their own laptops, or use the desktop computer in the production center


Contact Us

If you need assistance with teaching materials or educational resources, please contact:

Teaching Resources Center
Phone:  (252) 328-6076



***All paid services in the production must be for ECU organization or educational purposes***


Materials for purchase from the TRC: 

  • Vinyl sheets sets 
    • Cost: $3.00 per sheet set 
    • Sheet sets include: 
      • One- 12" x 12" sheet of adhesive vinyl (colors vary in selection) 
      • One- 12" x 12" sheet of transfer tape
  • Vinyl sheet sets are to be purchased prior to cuttting on the Cricut

Additional Approved Materials: (These materials are approved by the TRC to be used with the Cricut. However, these additonal materials are not available for purchase from the TRC and must be brought in by the library patron)

  • Standard paper
  • Construction paper 
  • Cardstock
  • Poster Board Paper
  • Wallpaper 
  • Scrap booking paper
  • Wrapping paper 

***Personal materials and vinyl sheet sets are the responsilibilty of the library patron. The TRC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.***