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NUTR 6500: Pediatric Nutrition: Finding Free Health Information

This guide is for students in Dr. Virginia Stage's NUTR 6500 class in support of the Joyner Library Information Literacy Community of Learning.

Accessing Health Information

While you're a student at ECU, you have access to a wide range of peer-reviewed, scholarly, and academic resources that provide high-quality, credible information on health and nutrition. But what do you do when you graduate and no longer have access to this material? This section includes resources for reliable health information that is available to the general public.

Major Producers of Health Statistics

The U.S. Government collects a huge amount of health data.  Agency websites serve as portals to finding health statistics on all kinds of topics, so they make a great starting place in your search for statistical information.

Your Local Public Library

Depending on where you end up, your local public library will likely offer access to some article databases that you used while here at ECU. They may also be able to borrow articles and other material from other libraries through a service called "InterLibrary Loan." Ask about it at your local library!

Consumer Health Databases

The following are direct links to all of the subscription databases for ECU Libraries on the subject of Consumer Health.