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UNC University Library Advisory Council: Diversity Initiatives

ULAC is composed of the directors of the 17 University Libraries and a representative from the UNC System Office. This guide covers ULAC's mission, vision, committees, roster, etc.

Diversity Initiatives Toolkit

The ULAC subcommittee on recruitment, retention & development for diverse institutions has gathered information from member libraries and collated examples of diversity statements, plans, and initiatives in order to offer a toolkit of best practices for our libraries and staff.

Strategic Planning Goals around DEI

Diversity Fellows Programs

Committees for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Purpose:  The Library Diversity Committee provides guidance and feedback to the NC State University Libraries in all components of its operation as it deals with ensuring and enhancing the diversity in the organization.


  • To assess the Libraries' activities and recommend programs and policies to insure consistency with the goals of fostering greater diversity and inclusion
  • To maintain and present diversity and cultural awareness and understanding information to the Libraries staff and to the university community
  • To monitor and participate in similar diversity efforts at NCSU and elsewhere
  • To participate actively in planning and implementing of programs and events for Libraries staff and with the university community to celebrate and enhance diversity and to bring issues of relations between people from different racial and cultural groups into focus
  • To serve as a conduit/contact person/liaison for staff concerns related to the climate of understanding and openness to all
  • To foster a dialogue on the climate for diversity to promote understanding across racial and cultural lines within the Libraries and beyond, as appropriate


Joyner Library is committed to an organizational culture that ensures a welcoming and respectful environment. The Library Diversity Committee provides leadership and guidance to Joyner Library by promoting diversity in personnel, services, collections, and resources.  Aligned with the university’s broad definition of diversity, library diversity includes the representation, integration, and interaction of different races, genders, ages, ethnicities, cultures, national origins, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, intellectual positions, and perspectives.  Diversity within personnel will be achieved through recruitment, advancement, and retention of faculty, staff, and student employees from a variety of backgrounds.  Equitable library services will be provided to all library users.  Library collections and resources will reflect the broad context of knowledge, scholarship, and literature.


The Atkins Library Diversity and Inclusion Committee focuses its initiatives on developing concrete steps for staff to increase their understanding of diversity issues and facilitating opportunities for broadening awareness of diversity as an essential way of creating a fair and open-minded work environment. The Diversity/Inclusion Committee provides leadership and guidance to the Library by encouraging awareness about and discussions of diversity and inclusion.

The Atkins Library Diversity & Inclusion Committee hosts Conversations That Matter, a forum that allows all Atkins Library employees to participate in a discussion about diversity and inclusion. Topics of each session vary, welcoming open dialogue that includes the very broad scope of diversity such as race, gender, age, education, and any other topics having a connection to diversity and inclusion.


  • Provide support for diversity programming, outreach, and understanding at University Libraries, across campus, and in the profession as a whole.
  • Supporting diversity in the curriculum and in other areas across campus.
  • Ensuring a library environment that is receptive to both staff and user diversity.
  • Oversee the maintenance of the Libraries’ Diversity web page (
  • Creating awareness of diversity by hosting Speakers or Exhibits.


The Randall Library Diversity Committee is a group dedicated to ensuring that the library is equitably meeting the needs of all its patrons and that diverse perspectives are promoted within our workplace, as well as to supporting librarian and staff cultural competency. It will fulfill these objectives via educational opportunities and outreach to university departments, centers, and programs.