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UNC University Library Advisory Council: Committees

ULAC is composed of the directors of the 17 University Libraries and a representative from the UNC System Office. This guide covers ULAC's mission, vision, committees, roster, etc.

Accessibility Issues Working Group

Members: Scott Goldstein, ASU; John Teleha, NCAT; Judy Walker, UNCC

  1. Charge: investigate the UNC System Office’s priorities for accessibility and make recommendations for how and where ULAC fits, with particular emphasis on UNC Online
  2. Report completed
  3. ULAC liaison to the Working Group: Anne Moore, UNCC

Efficiencies Working Group

Members: Tim Bucknall (Chair), UNCG; Lisa Barricella, ECU; Jeanne Cross, UNCW; Hilary Davis, NCSU; Kate Silton, NCA&T; Barb Svenson, UNCA

The Efficiencies Work Group is charged with gathering, analyzing, and distributing data from the Wiley evidence-based shared ebook pilot project, using defined criteria to select titles to purchase, and in year two of the pilot, recommending to ULAC whether  to change the criteria for year two title selections.

The Efficiencies Work Group also is charged with examining usage data and cost per use for seven large e-journal packages. 

Communications Committee

Members: Lucy Holman, UNCW; Jan Lewis, ECU; Anne Moore, UNCC; Leah Dunn, UNCA

  1. Charge: communicate the value of ULAC and UNC libraries to the UNC System Office, campus administrators, and the public; prepare fact sheets, issue briefs, etc.; ensure that the ULAC website is current and includes relevant information; after every ULAC meeting, prepare a summary of action items and outcomes to submit to GA
  2. Terms: Will run with term of ULAC chair

New Publishing and Funding Models Working Group

Members: Joseph Thomas, Chair, ECU; Brandy Bourne, UNCA; Agnes Gambill, ASU; Sarah Mueth, UNCW; Liz Siler, UNCC

ULAC Liaison: Jan Lewis, ECU

Contribute to the ULAC strategic plan goals to “envision the future” and “provide selected resources that are common to all UNC libraries” by investigating new publishing and funding models that do the following: support the open dissemination of both new and traditional forms of scholarly communication, encourage innovation in the dissemination and use of scholarly output, and leverage the power of the UNC System to effect change in the scholarly publishing environment. Share information with ULAC and make recommendations regarding models and options that help fulfill ULAC and UNC System goals.

Educational Resources Affordability Committee

Members: Will Cross, NCSU; Christine Fischer, UNCG; C. William Gee, ECU; Jeanne Hoover, ECU; Cynthia Horne, ECSU; Agnes Gambill, App State; Liz Siler, UNCC; Jacqueline Solis, UNC CH; Octavious Spruill, NCAT; Barb Svenson, UNCA

ULAC liaisons: Jan Lewis, ECU; Sarah A. Falls, UNC School of the Arts

March 2020 update: The UNC System is a consortial member of the Open Textbook Network. The OTN recently created an “Allied Institution” category for individual institutions within consortia. Here are Allied Institution benefits, an  FAQ for potential Allied Members and a more formal proposal. Institutions in the UNC System consortium can sign up for Allied Membership using this form. Membership (and access) will begin on July 1, 2020. Please note that for the UNC System, institutions will sign up on their own and manage their own contract and invoicing.

Initially named the Textbook Affordability Working Group, the group completed its original charge to investigate possible system-wide textbook affordability initiatives and report to ULAC by December 1, 2016. Following ULAC’s receipt of an AIMS award in January 2017, the group was reconstituted as the Educational Resources Affordability Committee and charged with assisting in the implementation of the award. Following the completion of that award, the Committee's charge is to support and expand educational resources affordability initiatives within the UNC System through resource sharing, collaboration and program development.  

UNC Press Project Review Committee

ULAC Representative - Leah Dunn, UNCA