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Writing in the Disciplines: WID: Arts & Humanities

Topics on writing in different academic disciplines. Choose from videos, presentations and documents created by faculty in each discipline.

Arts & Humanities

Find resources to assist you in writing in the Arts & Humanities disciplines.

Resources include: Handouts, videos, and presentations (Prezis).


Common Formats

Basic MLA Format

This handout lists the formatting mechanics behind a MLA formatted document. 

MLA Format (Sample Paper)

This is a sample paper detailing the structure of an MLA formatted document.

APA Format (Sample Paper)

This is a sample paper detailing the structure of an APA formatted document.  


Writing in English

What type of writing is valued in English? Dr. Marianne Montgomery gives her insight into writing in the English field. 

Writing in Music

Check out what Dr. Kevin Moll believes is valued in writing for the music field.


APA Style (Prezi)

This presentation outlines the different elements that go into an APA style paper, detailing important aspects such as a title page, abstract, and the structural elements. 

Writing a Literature Review

These are useful tools for making sense of an academic text, and being able to properly form them into academic writing. Examples of a dinner party and literature map help show how to have source flow in academic writing.